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Leasing agreement Lodging Cicadas Madam, Sir,

following your request we are pleased to address to you the leasing agreement below as well as the descriptive state of housing. Please return us a specimen of the contract covered of your agreement and accompanied by a money order representing the amount of the down payments. While hoping to be pleased to accomodate you very soon, we address our sincere greetings to you.

Mrs. and Mr.. Between the owner

And the tenant Name: DELAPLACE Francine Adresse:24, street of Europe field of the esterets of the lake CP City: 83440 Montauroux

Portable: 06 89 27 06 14


Mr. Mrs. Miss (Name and first names)

:Address: CP City:

Tel.: Portable:


No. of adults:

No. of children: ages:

Additional people (if prior agreement of the owner) For the hiring Addresses hiring 1 (a) front of the estérêts field of the estérêts of the lake 83440 Montauroux Address Internet Simplified description of the hiring Maximum capacity..4.. people Livable surface 37.. m² approximately cuisine:lave crockery, lava linen, furnace, microwave, plates gas no. of chambres1.. A number of beds:3 (including 2 beds: 0,80x1,90) and a lit1,40 x1,90.... Allowed animals /non Others:The owner, or its responsible agent, rents:

Saturday.........../. 2023 to 4 p.m. at Saturday............./ 2023 to 10 a.m.. The amount of the hiring is fixed at.............. euro per week, that is to say a rising total of............. Euros for the whole of the stay.

More3 of visitor's tax by anybody and children of more than 13 years, and per night

From May 1 to the 15 ctobre the price includes/understands all the loads (water, electricity, loads of joint ownership etc…). From October 15 to April 30 + 7€ of supplement per day (if lit Heating)

Doesn't the price of the hiring include/understand the supply of the linen of maison.70€ Each additional person compared to the capacity of the hiring, will make on agreement of the owner, the object of an increase to a total value of..20€....... day/nobody compared to the announced tariff. A deposit of 500€......... you will be requested from your arrival in more of the balance. This guarantee will be restored to you with your departure or within 2 maximum month after your departure, made deduction of repairs for the damage, the loss of the objects, etc... This hiring will take effect dice reception at our address of: - a specimen of this dated contract, signed and preceded by the mention "read and approved" - down payments of an amount of............. Euros (30 % of the amount of the hiring) to regulate by bank check or the postal wording with my order. - the declaration on the honor concerning the insurance of the room to be rented or failing this a certificate of insurance with the extension "Holiday" (hiring holidays). - the access to the swimming pool is under the entiere responsibility for the tenants hours of bathe of 9h with 20h (aprés cleaning and treatment of the swimming pool) The children must be accompanied by their parents. The hair must be attached, and nattés the dogs are prohibited Visitors for one day, think of informing us, in order to sign the bulletin of discharge of responsibility. Visitors for several days, with the agreement from the owner, 10€ by anybody and day, in the event of night 20€ by anybody and day This contract is drawn up in two specimens. The tenant admits having taken knowledge of the conditions of hiring printed at the same time as this present contract.

Fact it........./............/ 2023 in Fait it........./............/ 2023 à

with the Owner: Mrs. Delaplace francine

the Tenant: (to make precede the signature by the mention "read and approved")


Conditions of Hiring GENERAL PROVISIONS The tenant will be able in no circumstance to prevail himself of an unspecified right to the maintenance in the places with the expiry of the period of hiring initially envisaged on this contract, except agreement of the owner. No modification (erasure, overload...) will be accepted in the drafting of the contract without the agreement of the two parts.

PAYMENT The reservation will become effective since the owner will have received a specimen of this contract signed and accompanied by the amount of the down payments, (30 %du assembling hiring) of the stay. The pay of the hiring will be versed the day of the arrival. If the tenant delays his arrival, it must warn as a preliminary the owner and forward to him of it the balance of the rent for the date of the beginning of the hiring initially envisaged.

DEPOSIT (OR GUARANTEE) The amount of the deposit will be to the maximum equivalent to that of the hiring, without being able to exceed one month. It will have to be versed with the taking possession of the rented places and this to answer the loss, with X damage which could be caused with the objects, furniture or others. In general, (when the tenant leaves the places at the hour envisaged with the contract or one hour agreeing to the owner), it will be restored with the tenant at the time of the departure (after inventory of fixtures), or to the maximum 2 months after, the made deduction starting date of the amount of repairs for the damage, loss of the objects, etc... If the deposit proves to be insufficient, the taker is committed perfecting the sum after the inventory of exit. This present guarantee will not be able to in no case to be regarded as participation in the payment of the rent.

USE OF THE PLACES Will the tenant enjoy the hiring in a peaceful way and will make good use of it, in accordance with the destination of the lieuxA its departure, the tenant commits itself making the hiring as clean as it will have found it with his arrival, dans the case contrairele cleaning will be invoiced 60€ The whole of the material appearing in the inventory, will have to be given to the place which it occupied at the time of the entry in the places. The taker obliges to maintain in perfect state the sanitary, electric facilities and of heating for which it will have to take all precautions. All repairs made necessary by the negligence or bad maintenance in the course of hiring will be the responsibility of the taker, as well in the room as on the whole of the field. The hiring cannot in no case to profit with thirds, except prior agreement of the owner. Sub-renting is prohibited to the taker, under some pretext that it is, even on a purely free basis, under penalty of cancellation of contract. The integral amount of the remaining rent acquired or which had to the owner. The rented buildings are with the use of dwelling provisional of holidays, excluding any occupation, commercial, artisanal or of some nature that it is. The installation of tents or the parking of caravans on the ground of the rented property is prohibited like on the field. The owner will provide housing in conformity with description that it made some and will maintain it in a position to be useful. In general, the tenant takes possession of the places starting from 4 p.m. saturdays and the free one before 10 a.m. saturdays or at one hour agreeing to the owner, after inventory of fixtures.

PARTICULAR CASES The number of tenants cannot be higher than the maximum capacity of reception indicated on the contract (04 people). In exceptional circumstances and subject to the agreement of the owner, it could be derogated from this rule (01 additional person). In this case, the owner will have the right to perceive an increase of price which will have to be beforehand communicated to the tenant and to be consigned on the leasing agreement.

INVENTORY OF FIXTURES AND INVENTORY The inventory of fixtures and inventory of furniture and various equipment will be made at the beginning and the end of the stay by the owner and the tenant. In the event of impossibility of proceeding to the inventory at the time of the arrival, the tenant will have 12 midnight to check the posted inventory and to point out to the owner the noted anomalces. At the end of this period, the rented goods will be regarded as free from damage to the entry of the tenant. In the event of not-realization of inventory of fixtures at the beginning, because one time of departure other than that envisaged with the contract and incompatible with the timetable, the owner will unilaterally carry out the inventory of fixtures at the hour envisaged, and will return the guarantee in the week following the departure, in the absence of degradation and subject to good repairing of the places. If the owner notes damage, it will have to inform the tenant under about eight of it. Consequently, it will have 2 months a maximum time after the starting date to restore the guarantee, made deduction of the damage, the loss of the objects, etc... With regard to duly noted deteriorations, they will be the subject of a reserve on the deposit whose amount will be determined by friendly agreement between the owner or his representative and the tenant. In the event of litigation, an estimate will be carried out by a professional or a competent organization, requested by the tenant before his departure or, failing this, by the owner at the time of the inventory of fixtures of exit. In this case, the deposit will be restored with the tenant by mail within 2 month, made deduction of the value of the the works estimated by the estimate.

ANIMALS The presence of familiar animals, without the agreement of the owner, will involve the immediate rupture of this contract.

CONDITIONS Of CANCELLATIONS Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or telegram: 1°) Before the entry in pleasure In general, the down payments remain sure with the owner; However, they could be restored when the room can be to relet for the same period and at the same price. 2°) If the tenant did not present himself the day mentioned on the contract and passed times of 24h00 and without notified opinion of the owner: This contract is regarded as cancelled The down payments remain sure with the owner The owner can have his hiring 3°) In the event of cancellation of the hiring by the owner; This last will transfer with the tenant the double of the amount of the down payments which it perceived dice notification of said cancellation.

INTERRUPTION OF THE STAY In the event of anticipated interruption of the stay by the tenant, and if the responsibility for the owner is not called into question, will not be carried out to any refunding, except the deposit under the conditions fixed more high. INSURANCES The tenant is held to ensure the room which is rented to him. He must thus check if its contract of principal dwelling envisages the extension "Holiday" (hiring of holidays). On the contrary assumption, it must intervene with its insurance company and claim the extension of the guarantee to him or subscribe a particular contract, under clause "Holiday". A certificate of insurance to him will be claimed dice the signature of the leasing agreement or défautune declaration on the honor.

LITIGATIONS OR RECLAMATIONS In the event of complaints and in the absence of friendly agreement between the owner and the tenant, any litigation could be subjected to the courts of competent jurisdiction. return to the reception